According to the recent announcement on 12 April 2022 from the University senior management, the university-supported travels to destinations outside of Hong Kong in the Spring and Summer semesters have been relaxed if faculty members and students have been fully vaccinated. In this connection, applications for conference trips after such announcement will be re-opened to process in Spring term this year. Please be reminded to take note of the following:
a)A maximum amount of HK$13,500 are eligible to be supported for each trip but the actual amount awarded will usually be less than the eligible amount subject to a number of factors;
b)Quarantine hotels expenses (both in and outside HK) can be included in the application with conditions as below -
  • it should be charged at HK$1,000 or below per night; allowance may be granted for special cases only with proof that no cheaper hotel is available, subject to maximum cap of HK$2,000 per night;
  • a maximum of 14 days for a trip;
  • c)The requested reimbursement on travelling should be applied in accordance with the University‚Äôs relevant guidelines.
    For details, please refer to the RTG's policies and Explanatory Notes.

    1.Copy of Application Announcement
    2.Policies for UGC Research Travel Grant (RTG)
    3.Online Application
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  • If your browser is idle for more than 15 minutes, you may need to re-login again.
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement after filling in the application form.
  •  Important Notes:

    The paper concerned must be ACCEPTED by the organizer.
    Applications must be submitted BEFORE the event start date. Post-event application would NOT be entertained.
      Necessary documents to complete the application:
  • the call for papers or the conference programme;
  • a letter of acceptance or invitation to present the paper;
  • a copy of the abstract and/or paper to be presented;
  • conference registration fee information;
  • airfare quotation from a travel agent that is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member, which can be obtained from Purchasing Office via respective department;
    [ Please quote the most direct route to/from the conference with dates before and after the conference shown ]
  • 4.Explanatory Notes for completing the application

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